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Hotel Policies in El Presidente

Privacy Policies

Security is our highest priority to ensure the confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us.

We store any information you enter on our website. This includes personal information such as your first and last name, home or business address, telephone number, postal and e-mail addresses.

The information you provide is not shared with non-authorized third parties. We may share your information, as only necessary as possible, with companies related to your travel itinerary such as airlines, hotels, ground handling companies, local tour companies, sponsors and other suppliers.

When it comes to payment sections, please make sure to see the security lock on your browser to confirm the identity of the site before providing your credit card information.

Reservation Policies

Guarantee policy:

A credit card is required in order to guarantee reservation (American Express are not accepted).

Cancellation policy:

Low Season:

Must cancel within 10 days prior to arrival date, in order to avoid fee charges.

Medium Season:

Must cancel within 15 days prior to arrival date, in order to avoid fee charges.

High Season:

Must cancel within 25 days prior to arrival date, in order to avoid fee charges.

No show policy:

The No Show fee charge for groups and individual bookings will be as follows:

Low Season – 1 night
Medium Season – 2 nights
High Season – 3 nights in Holy Week and 6 nights in New Year’s Eve

Pets policy:

Sorry, pets are not allowed.

Oversold policy:

In case the Hotel is oversold and cannot offer you the contracted service, to the client with a reservation from Internet Power, the Hotel by its own count will find adequate alternatives to supply the service contracted, that will meet or give better service than the original benefits contracted.

The hotel will pay a one night stay plus taxes at a similar Hotel.

The guest will be transported by the hotel to the new hotel.

The guest will be permitted at least one phone call to his house or office.